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One of ‘America’s Best Real Estate Agents’ as ranked by REAL Trends WSJ, native Floridian Samantha Joelle Elenson specializes in waterfront luxury properties, beachfront condominiums, upscale property developments and Miami Beach homes for sale in and around Miami and Broward County. Raised in Golden Beach, Florida, Samantha is a third-generation real estate professional who draws on more than 40 years of family real estate development and investment experience. Since joining ONE Sotheby’s International Realty in 2012, Samantha has achieved residential real estate sales totaling more than $100 million. Her goal is to connect clients with the finest real estate properties in South Florida and provide each buyer or seller with personalized customer service complemented by her exclusive network, shrewd negotiating skills, and professional expertise. Her concierge approach to her clients and unrelenting passion for real estate are hallmarks of her service.

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Samantha is a highly accomplished realtor, known for her exceptional sales performance in Golden Beach, Miami Beach, and Miami. Her achievements have been widely recognized and featured in a variety of leading real estate publications including The Real Deal, Forbes, Curbed, The Business Journals, The Miami Herald, South Florida Business & Wealth, Mansion Global and Realtor.com. Samantha’s expertise and success as a realtor in Miami have been recognized on a global scale, having been invited to showcase properties on Sunrise, Australia’s number one news show. This exposure led to an exclusive invitation to tour Sotheby’s International Realty in Sydney, Australia, which she eagerly accepted, further solidifying her reputation as a leading realtor on the international stage.

Her sales have not only earned her recognition as one of the best realtors in the industry, but also placed her among the elite group of top-performing realtors in the nation, according to REAL Trends The Thousand. This prestigious ranking is based on individual sales volume, and recognizes only the top one-half of one percent of more than 1.3 million licensed real estate professionals in the country. Samantha’s consistent success in this highly competitive field is a testament to her exceptional market knowledge and strong work ethic.



Frequently asked questions

The first step in the homebuying process is typically to get pre-approved for a mortgage. This involves contacting a lender and providing them with the necessary financial information, such as income, assets, and credit history. The lender will then evaluate your financial situation and determine the loan amount you are qualified to borrow. Getting pre-approved for a mortgage gives you a clear understanding of your budget and helps you narrow down your search to properties within your price range. It also demonstrates to sellers that you are a serious buyer when you make an offer on a home.

In Miami, the buyer typically has a standard inspection period of 15 days from the effective date of the purchase agreement to conduct inspections, review reports, and negotiate repairs or credits with the seller. During this time, any deposit provided would be refundable for any reason. However, specific timeframes may vary depending on the terms agreed upon in the purchase agreement.

The cost of a home inspection in Miami can vary depending on factors such as the size, complexity of the property, and the services you include like whether you want to include mold testing. On average, a home inspection in Miami may range from $300 to $600. It’s recommended to contact multiple licensed home inspectors in the area to get accurate quotes and compare their services.

The property tax rate in Miami Beach can vary depending on several factors, including the property’s location, assessed value, and applicable tax rates. The millage rate for Miami-Dade County, which includes Miami Beach, is approximately 2% of the assessed value. However, it’s important to note that tax rates can change over time, so it’s advisable to check with the local tax authorities or consult a real estate professional for the most up-to-date information.

Miami Beach is often considered a desirable place to live due to its beautiful beaches, vibrant nightlife, cultural diversity, and warm climate. It offers a wide range of amenities, entertainment options, and recreational activities. However, the suitability of Miami Beach as a place to live depends on individual preferences, lifestyle, and specific needs. It’s advisable to visit the area, explore the neighborhoods, and consider factors such as cost of living, transportation, schools, and employment opportunities to determine if it aligns with your personal requirements. Consulting with a local real estate agent can also provide valuable insights into the community.

The mortgage process in Florida is similar to other states. It typically involves pre-qualification, completing a mortgage application, providing necessary documents (such as income verification, bank statements, and credit history), and undergoing a credit check. Lenders assess your financial situation, the property’s value, and other factors to determine eligibility and loan terms. Financing a deal often requires 45 days from effective date to closing date, so keep this timeframe in mind when searching. It’s advisable to shop around, compare rates and terms from different lenders, and work with a mortgage broker or loan officer to guide you through the process. Our team has several trustable recommendations to provide.

In addition to the purchase price, there are several additional costs to consider when buying real estate in Florida. These may include closing costs (which typically include fees for title search, title insurance, appraisal, attorney fees, and loan origination), inspection fees, property taxes, homeowner’s insurance, and potential association fees (if the property is part of a homeowners’ association or condo association). It’s important to budget for these additional expenses to ensure you have a comprehensive understanding of the total costs involved in purchasing a property.